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I am 47 years old and have suffered from various signs of wear and tear in various joints from years of high-performance gymnastics. But above all from a hip joint osteoarthritis, which caused me great pain after exercise.

As I travel a lot, the overnight stays in hotel beds in particular were a torture for me, as, depending on the hardness of the mattress, I was in so much pain after 2 - 3 hours that I could no longer lie down. Running the next day turned out to be correspondingly painful. Overall, I had actually completely stopped sporting activities because of the pain during sport or the next day.

I became the Vita Mobility Complexrecommended by my doctor. Since I have an extreme aversion to the consumption of fish and seafood, taking the preparation was a great overcoming for me. Therefore I take all 3 capsules at the same time, but the effect on me is amazing. I promised myself a lot from taking it, otherwise I would not have even started taking it.

After about 4 weeks I noticed that I still felt the familiar pain in the bed in my hotel bed during the night, but walking the next day was completely painless. In the course of the next two months, the pain on sleeping on hard mattresses at night was also significantly reduced.

But what really amazed me was the fact that the preparation also has a clearly positive effect on tendons and ligaments. After 3 shoulder operations, the fourth operation was almost impossible to postpone because of the constant pain, especially after stress.

In the meantime I can load my shoulder moderately but pain-free. I have now started walking several hours a week on a regular basis. Unthinkable until 4 months ago due to hip and shoulder pain. In addition to the improved resilience, I am almost pain-free and also have the impression that ligaments and tendons have become more elastic.
In principle, however, I am skeptical and therefore I stopped using the preparation for 2 weeks and the symptoms to see what happened.

The pain gradually increased, so I started again with success. I have already recommended the preparation to friends and acquaintances, and most of them feel the same way as me. After 4 - 6 weeks there is an improvement, which is initially attributed to other phenomena (better weather, less physical exertion, etc.)

Thanks to my experience, I can confirm that it is really Vita Mobility Complex that is the actual cause for the positive effects is.

BKG in K.

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Vita Mobility Complex

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