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For a long time, I have been receiving the remedy "Vita Mg 300 plus" from the wife of our workshop manager, Mr. Patrick B., which I take every day during the week. After enjoyment, tiredness and feelings of exhaustion disappear surprisingly quickly and permanently. I have been suffering from advanced osteoarthritis in both knee joints for a long time, and Dr. G. treated orthoscopically in the Sonnenhof Clinic, but his findings were devastating; “Nothing to do, except the later replacement of both knee joints with artificial ones”, but at 52 he is still too young ... (age is always a relative matter ...!)

The pain increased and, especially in cold, damp weather, I was only able to move on my legs with constant pain and with great difficulty. Patrick then recommended the " Vita Mobility Complex " to me . After my positive experience with the "Vita Mg 300", I said to myself: "Is no use, no harm" and started taking it immediately after receiving it. At the same time, however, the weather also became warmer and drier, so the judgment of the benefit was not so easy to determine, but actually I didn't care, because: the usual pain decreased noticeably and this after a good 2 years!

Feel good! Last week I stupidly misplaced the pills and stopped taking them for about 4 days; the pain and stiffness increased again significantly! Since yesterday I have been taking it again and after 2 x 2 tablets I already feel a slight improvement within 2 days. Quod erat demonstrandum !!

The nice thing about it is that this is obviously not an actual drug, if I as a layperson have understood this correctly, but natural substances that are declared as dietary supplements and not as remedies.

After consulting with you, Patrick assured me that it would be safe to take it over a longer period of time, so I would be grateful for a confirmation. I am otherwise a very reluctant pill consumer thatVita Mobility Complex has proven its really convincing effectiveness in me.

With best thanks and best regards