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In cooperation with Ivy, we enable you to protect the climate with every transaction

An overview of our cooperation.

What does Ivy do?

Ivy is a payment method that you can find at some of the most popular sustainable online shops. You can now use Ivy with us too. Every time you pay with Ivy, we fund climate protection projects at no extra cost to you.

In short: You pay with Ivy and at the same time contribute to more climate protection.

How can you use Ivy?

Select Ivy in the payment methods and pay easily and securely directly from your account, just like a bank transfer.

Ivy's payments are based on Open Banking technology, which goes back to the EU's PSD2 directive. The mobileTAN procedure, for example, is also based on PSD2. The fact that Ivy can process payments directly from your bank account to ours and uses Secure Customer Authentification (SCA), the security structure of banks, enables the highest level of security. At the same time, fewer parties are involved in the payment process, allowing payments to be processed in real time and saving costs. Ivy uses these cost savings to fund certified climate protection projects with every transaction at no extra cost to you.

When you make a payment with Ivy, you're making a difference.

When you pay with Ivy, you will be redirected to your banking app where you sign in with Face ID, Touch ID or your code and approve the payment with one click, without having to enter the recipient or amount of the transaction. Once you've paid with Ivy, you'll be able to make sustainable one-click purchases without passwords, not just from us, but from any shop within Ivy's network.

How does supporting climate protection projects work?

Ivy saves costs in processing transactions through Open Banking technology and uses these cost savings to fund climate protection projects with every transaction. To do this, Ivy offers a diversified portfolio of climate protection projects from which you can choose which project you want to support with your payment. The projects are verified and certified by third parties.


Eden Reforestation Projects

Eden Reforestation Projects is a non-profit NGO that supports developing countries worldwide in reforesting degraded landscapes. It is active in a total of 10 countries worldwide. What is special about Eden Projects is that they work directly with local communities who often live in great poverty and suffer from the destruction of forests. The organisation employs many local people, trains them and provides the necessary tools, so that not only the reforestation but also the further care of the seedlings is accompanied by people from the region. Eden Reforestation can plant up to 1 million trees a day. In total, the organisation has already planted more than 977 million trees.

Through this, it contributes a great deal to global reforestation, actively combating climate change. At the same time, it fights poverty in local communities by creating new jobs with fixed incomes. This increases the employment rate of the local population and has a positive long-term impact on the economic condition of the country.

In cooperation with Ivy, we support projects in Madagascar and Kenya


Madagascar is known for its unique biodiversity of plants and animals. Unfortunately, over 90% of the rainforest in Madagascar has been destroyed by humans. As a result, countless animal species lost their natural habitat. But the clearing of the rainforest has even more consequences: The destruction of the mangrove trees along the coast led to part of the land being washed into the sea. This destroyed many fisheries on which the communities living along the coast depend. Eden Reforestation Projects has taken on the task of reforesting the Destroyed Mangrove Trees along the coast since 2007. Since 2012, they have expanded this task to include other tree and plant species in the interior of the country as well. Since then, in addition to planting trees, Eden Reforestation Projects has already created 11,700 jobs in Madagascar, built fire towers to put out forest fires and established training centres where local people learn how to plant and maintain trees themselves. In this way, Eden Projects is making a major contribution to rebuilding local infrastructure.



As in Madagascar, over 90% of the natural rainforest in Kenya has also been destroyed. The combination of cutting and burning trees and illegal settlement in forest areas is accelerating the destruction. As a result of the loss, extreme droughts are occurring at an increased rate and 42% of Kenya's population now lives in extreme poverty. The government has set a target of reforesting 10% of the country's total land area to high quality. Eden Reforestation Projects is supporting Kenya in this endeavour. To this end, the organisation has partnered with local communities, forest foundations and Kenyan government institutions since 2019. To date, they have already planted 50 million trees and created over 1000 jobs in collaboration.