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Men's Health

Vital substances for men's health

1. brain functions: Concentration mental performance memory

  • optimization of microcirculation, ability to concentrate, memory and attention
  • against mental fatigue
  • neuroprotection

2. cardiovascular functions: Energy Vitality Performance Vascular Health

  • Optimization of energy / cellular energy
  • protection and support of the cardiovascular system
  • against physical fatigue

3. urogenital functions: Prostate, erection

  • Increase and maintenance of testosterone levels
  • Optimization of potency and libido
  • Prostate protection and function support

Additive Supplemente

Vita Energy Complex for men

  • energy metabolism, oxidative stress, high homocysteine
  • for normal hormonal activity, testosterone level
  • immune system
  • muscle function
  • nervous system

Vita Omega Plus

  • Omega-3 fatty acids for cardiovascular system, with coenzyme Q10 and vitamin D

Vita Relax Plus

  • Magnesium with calcium and potassium


Sufficient exercise / strength training, healthy diet and sleep