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We have received the following review from Mrs. T. G. in the USA. (As of April 2023)
I appreciate you offering the special vitamins I like and the Vita Collagen Plus drink.
I swim about 2 hours a day (an hour in the morning and an hour before bed), and this supplement seems to keep my joints and muscles strong and very well supported, so I don't feel any pain or fatigue.
And I am told that my skin looks fantastic and makes me look about 20 years younger.
I am very grateful for that.

She uses Vita Collagen Complex Plus and Vita Energy Complex for women


Ms T. S.

Since I have been taking Vita Relax Plus, I no longer have cramps at night. I also no longer suffer from sore muscles after sports.

Mrs. R. S

As I have just bought your Vita Benefit Q10, I must admit it is a great product, I felt the different within days, and I have been taking Q10 for years, but this one is far superior.

BKG in K.

Ich bin 47 Jahre alt und leide durch jahrelanges Leistungsturnen schon seit Jahren unter diversen Verschleißerscheinungen in diversen Gelenken.

»In 2013 my orthopedic surgeon saw only one operation after an MRI, but I didn`t want it. I`ve been taking the capsules ever since, and I`m very satisf...«

» I've been taking it for a month and been able to stop taking my painkillers. Highly recommend it to anyone who has atrose. «

»Nehme es seid ein Monat und konnte meine Schmerztabletten absetzen. Kann es jedem nur empfehlen, der Atrose hat.«

»Sehr empfehlenswert, es wirkt und schmeckt köstlich:-)«